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black metal art and inspiration
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i want to fly away
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Current Residence: my master's castle
Favourite genre of music: atmospheric black metal
Favourite style of art: nature
Personal Quote: I want to live my dream, not your nightmare
I have been reading a fascinating book the past few weeks, and along the way have met some very
interesting people!  
Everything in the book correlates to my beliefs, even dreams of the past, and who I am myself.
Were the elves, faery and vampire real? YES!…

(in depth articles)

excerpts from an interview:

TT: Who are the "Dragons" that you write about in your book?

NDV: In brief, the recorded Dragon lineage starts with the Anunnaki and descends through the proto-
Scythians, the Sumerians in one branch and the early Egyptians in another; the Phoenicians, the Mittani,
back to the Scythians again through marital alliance, along to the "Tuatha de Danaan" and the Fir Bolg;
down through their Arch-Druidic, Priest-Princely families, to the Royal Picts of Scotland and the high
kings of the Horse Lords of Dal Riada; through to the Elven dynasty of Pendragon and Avallon del Acqs,
and down to a few pure bred families today.

TT: Are these Dragons the same as the "Nephilim" of the Bible or the "Watchers" of The Book of Enoch?

NDV: The Nephilim and the Watchers are of the Dragon race, yes.

TT: How did the Dragon race begin, and how did they become a separate race from the rest of humanity?

NDV: They didn’t originate from outer space, that’s for sure. A principal element of the Dragon genome
originated in the vast forests of central Europe, and cut off from other species, they developed as a
distinct race. By the time of the Anunnaki they had been hybridized to form the ancestors of the later
Elves or Dragon kings and queens.

Vampire stems from the word "vber" or "uber", and means "witch." It originates in Anatolia; the location
of the seven yearly Druidic gatherings: the Nemetons. "Witch" in Gaelic is "Druidhe", or "druid." In
practical terms and suggested by the term "uber" itself, a Scythian druid was an overlord, and so
originally a vampire was an overlord, and hence a Dragon.


For a thousand years the fairies have remained silent about their identities - formerly for fear of
their lives - latterly for fear of becoming social outcasts and objects of mirth and derision. Still
however, a shadow of menace lies over the ancient families. Greed will go to any length to ensure the
continuity of its satisfaction and the same motives that prompted the Church to murder and lie in the
past, still prompt their merchant-class puppets to kill and deceive today.

When we looked at the stories contained in the ’Annals of Irish History’, the Irish ’Book of Invasions’
or the Welsh ’Mabinogian’ we would have been inclined to think that these documents were about the Celts
when in fact they were about a strange race of foreigners who reigned alongside these dark-haired,
swarthy, stocky little farmers for nearly two thousand years. From these stories we obtain our idea of
what the ’Celts’ were like, when in fact they weren’t Celts at all, they were Scythians, the Elves, the
Fairies, The Aryans.…
The church is a fraud and has no right to rule.
The monarch is a fraud and has no right to rule.


TT: When you refer metaphorically to "the Dragon", what exactly are you referring to?

NDV: "The Dragon" is a term I use generally to mean the dragon archetype resting within the Dragon blood
and passed on through the genes. It is the conduit through which flow the memories of the wisdom and
experience of the Dragons who have gone before. The word "dragon" is derived from the Greek "edrakon",
which is an aorist of the word "derkesthai", which means "to see clearly". "The Dragon" therefore is the
inherited Dragon archetype and that archetype is the conduit of clear sight through which racial
knowledge flows. Clear sight also and principally refers to transcendent consciousness.

TT: What percentage of the world’s populace would you say possesses this Dragon blood? Is it
predominately found in certain types of people? How can you tell a Dragon from other types of people?

NDV: Roughly ten percent of Europeans have Dragon blood, and stem from families whose physical
attributes clearly point to a genetic inheritance over 100,000 years old. This figure is calculated from
research deriving from studies by Oxford University and matched to historical accounts.

TT: What is the one most important thing you want people to take away after reading The Dragon Legacy?

NDV: Firstly, one of the central themes of the book is transcendent consciousness. I would like to feel
that the reader may derive some interest in this concept from reading The Dragon Legacy and will pursue
the subject further.

Secondly, the Dragon families have been with us for millennia and, in the course of time, their innate
and rightful destiny will cause them to rise again.


      (cd/album artworks)

My group
Art for cd and albums in the ambient Black Metal genre.
Black Metal tributes and logos.

I Am Male stamp by wyldraven Black Metal stamp by wyldraven Misanthrope stamp by wyldraven Loner stamp by wyldravenIntrovert stamp by wyldraven Mond stamp by wyldraven Child Of The Moon stamp by wyldraven Spirit Of The Raven by wyldraven Celtic Zodiac - Elder by keysan .:: Animal Rights Stamp V2 ::. by loneantarcticwolf  Ravens Stamp by sequelle canines by stormbound Werewolves have fangs too by Hawk-619 Hug a Tree Stamp v2 by HippieKender 
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  • Listening to: Year Of No Light

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